who we are

We are a Grower, Packer, Distributor, Importer, & Exporter of quality grown fresh fruits & vegetables.  It is our mission to continuously create and assess the need for quality fresh produce by forming strong synergies with our clients to provide exceptional results that benefit all through our ability of providing the following:

  • Extensive Retail Knowledge & Experience
  • Accurate Crop Forecasts
  • Up to Date Market Conditions
  • Quality Grown Produce

 what we do

We strive to exceptionally deliver our respective clients with quality grown produce, that will provide quality results.  Food Safety is our #1 priority and we endeavor to continue our Primus Global Gap Certified operations.  We also provide:

  • Category Management
  • Retail Merchandising Support
  • Transportation & Logistical Services
  • Warehousing & Cross Docking